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NameCrossFit WhiteMarsh
OwnerMike Rosellini
Phone(410) 365-9855
Address9629 Philadelphia Rd Suite 130
Baltimore, MD 21237

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candra posted on CrossFit CSA

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Monday, January 26, 2015: front squat 1-1-1 Compare results to January 21, 2014. shoulder press 1-1-1 Compare results to January 28, 2014. five rounds for time: 10x strict handstand pushup 20x squat Post score to comments.

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Workout for Monday, Jan. 26th Strength - Box Squat (30 Min cap) 1x5 w/ bar 1x5@ 25% 1x5@ 35% 1x3@ 50% 5x3@ 60% Met-Con (12 Min time cap) 40-30-20-10 Squats w/ plate to the chest (45/25) Plate Lateral Hops

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Team Adorable placed 4th at yesterday's Moxie Madness Pairs competition! They missed 3rd place by only 10 points! We are proud of you ladies! Now.... Caption this photo.

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MPH will host a free Airrosti Rehab Centers foam-rolling seminar on Saturday, 1/31 at 1pm! Check out the flyer for more details, and be sure to register here: (Space is limited!)

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Tempo | Time Trial

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Awesome classes this morning to bid farewell to two of our favorites Lauren and David. Thanks for all you brought to our community. You will definitely be missed!

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Small but great group of attendees in Ridgeland, MS today for the CrossFit Mobility Cert at CrossFit 601. Great discussions and good questions that kept me on my toes. Worked some new and interesting techniques and strategies. Fun day! ~Dr.Travis

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1.2 mile run then two minutes of max Back Squats in two minutes. Ouch. #tjsgyms #norcalmasters

CrossFit Elysium posted on Facebook

Pretty successful little barbell seminar today- I counted at least 6 people who PR'd their snatch (several times), and many others came close and looked smoother doing it! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one! Coach L

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@john.galloup thanks for the awesome talk about the importance of water today. #wholelifechallenge, #water, #hydrationnation, #ph, #nutrition

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AMRAP Trifecta. #tjsgyms #norcalmasters

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Brushing up the squat skillz and drillz

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60 plus ladies on the Clean and Jerk ladder. #tjsgyms #norcalmasters

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Good luck to everyone running the Spartan race today. Go have fun.

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Brandon doing some extra work after class. I think he was a little scared because Martin was going above the speed limit.

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We pose before the barbell thunderstorm.

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The Pain Relief Project Jan 19 - 26. Details here -->

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See you at 9 am! #buildafitcommunity

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Are You Mindful of What You Put ON Your Body?

CrossFit Proper posted on Facebook

Here's our schedule for you to look at!

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It won't be long now. #tjsgyms #norcalmasters

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Don't hesitate, come try CrossFit Proper and learn how to get the results you want.

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Main – CrossFitMetcon (AMRAP – Reps)10 Min AMRAP 2 PU 2 Burpee Box Jumps 4 PU 4 Burpee Box Jumps 6 PU 6 Burpee Box Jumps Continue Ladder in increments of 2 until time capMetcon (Time)20 RDS for time @ 135/95 Deadlift Hang Squat Clean Push Press Jerk **On each rep, once the bar is lifted it cannot be put down until the jerk is...

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Goin' to get this done...we have the technology. #streetparking, #rogue, #roguefitness, #liftstrongandprosper , #fitness , #Crossfit

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Free Beginner CrossFit workout tomorrow at 11am. Try CrossFit out for free!

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Great work from everyone this week!

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What is holding you back from new PR’s? What is keeping you from shedding those pounds? What’s the missing link? This is your last chance to join us for the Whole Life Challenge! Late registration ends tomorrow. If you are still on the fence come join us for our first WLC event tomorrow Jan. 24th at 10:30 a.m. at Crossfit No Boundaries. The Health and Hydration seminar will be kicked off by Billy Brown and John Galloup. All attendees will be given a FREE month supply of the best water money can buy. Even if you aren't participating in the Whole Life Challenge join us anyway see what adding water to your life can really do. Change your Water… Change you!!! Register tonight to save your spot,

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That's what determination looks like! #liftstrongandprosper , #fitness ,#fitfam , #crossfitgirls , #barbells, #motivation

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1.23 results ya'll!

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Our goal is to #BuildAFitCommunity and this is one of the events building on that goal. Invite your friends, family and co-workers down to the box February 7th at 9:30 AM.

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Saturday: Tabata bliss; for a total rep count. This is done while running to your stations each interval. The run distance shortens with each different movement (every four minutes). On the last four minutes you don't run in between intervals, just work on your favorite movement to get through with best form and a good score. Eight rounds each of: Ball Slams 10/20/30 Push Press 35/20 KB Swings 53/35/26 Last eight rounds is players' choice of: squats, push ups, sit-ups. When you finish haul butt down to Seal Beach and watch Ryan and Craig rip and tear in the surf contest at the pier! Ryan's heat is at 9:45, Craig's is at 10:45. Good luck guys!

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Fine work Occhi! Tell Occhi great job.

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Flashback Friday. #singlewide #buildafitcommunity #passionnotapocketbook

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by @trmcgrail "My two year anniversary with CrossFit Intersect is approaching and I can't believe it. I've learned so much about my physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. Before, I always wanted to lose weight and be skinny. I'd say even in the beginning of starting crossfit that was in the back of my mind. I quickly realized the importance of knowing that everyone has their own individually unique body types. I'm not a petite person, nor will I ever be. I enjoy working on my weaknesses, building my endurance and pushing myself to my limits. The mind quits way before the body does, so it's been fun learning to work on pushing a little further every workout. I feel more alive than I ever have before, like I've been awakened to the endless possibilities in front of me. There are no quick fixes, magic pills or whatever else someone will try to sell you that will produce long lasting results. Work hard, train harder and love your body. It's never too late to develop healthy habits to help you live a more fulfilling life! Thank you to my family, friends and @cfintersect for the support ❤️❤️❤️ #progress #dedication #projectintersect #loveyourbody #barbellbabes" via @PhotoRepost_app

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Coach Joey just tested an #intersectOne burner for next week! These are the 3 elements. Anyone wanna guess the workout?

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CrossFit Black Diamond shared an image on Facebook

Ryan (Romeo Tango) Tobin just got his CrossFit Judge credentials for 2015. Tell Romeo Tango great job!

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True statement. Good luck today getting upsidedown...a lot!

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DogTown hoodies are back in stock! Stay warm wherever your adventures take you!

CrossFit Intersect posted an article
CrossFit Intersect posted an article
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Sign up today. *New Members Only*

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Well duh! Happy Friday!,37835/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview%3A1%3ADefault&recirc=healthy-living

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Krista Haapala, life coach and co-owner of CrossFit Beacon published the post Women's Only: Strong Like a CrossFitter Through Loss and Mastectomy on Tabata Times
A Timeline: March 2012: I found CrossFit. May 2013: I lost my mom to breast cancer. July 2013: I...
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